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About Me - so where to start  ........

My name is David Sutton and I am the creator and chief monkey at the Redneck Garage. I also own and operate a locksmith company in Franklin, TN for the last 20 years called Affordable Locksmith 

I grew up in Nolensville TN and lived during high school in Naperville Ill before moving back home. Before starting the locksmith gig I was in the marketing Department of United Cities Gas Co. after college. 

I was adopted at birth and I say that only for the fact that my adopted father had almost no natural mechanical skills yet I at 4 was taking things apart - I painted my first car at 14 while living on the farm ( still my worst paint job to date ;)  and could repair most broken farm items and taught myself most repairs ( rememeber I learned before there was Youtube or the internet -lol ) . So, some people I believe are more gifted genetically than others right out of the gate for hands on stuff but I also believe that almost anyone can do some degree of DYI if they put their mind to it.

I play guitar and was in bands for a number of years, I was Tennessee Titans Fan of the Year in 2000 - getting my photo in the newspaper, prizes and a trip to the owners box and out on the field for a game. I also created my Titanmobile - probably the most difficult project I ever attempted - heres a video -

That year I believed I witnessed my greatest moment in sports history when the Titans pulled off the Music City Miracle wow. I enjoyed the tailgating but God was calling me away from the Sunday games - LOL  I am a deacon at my church - Christ Community in Franklin TN and in 2004 I was a part of a group that brought a ministry to our church called Room In The Inn. It is 180 congregations in the Nashville Area that bring in homeless men during the coldest part of the winter. We give them food, clothing, shelter, wash their clothes, and most of all fellowship. Going on 11 years now I coordinate a big group of flawed sinners coming together to do as Christ called us -

​"Whatever you did for the least of the brothers and sisters of mine you did for me "

​So that is a really cool thing I feel blessed to be a part of. 

 I am usually only happy when I have some sort of project. I taught myself how to design websites ( better than godaddy ) I an a fair plumber and electrician and I love Jeeps from as far back as I can remember. I enjoy doing the Youtube videos and hope you get either some tips or help for one of your projects or in the least a bit of entertainment :) I live in Franklin with my wife Jennifer and our three boys Christian, Zac and Ethan. Christian moved out on his own last year ( living one street over) but makes frequent trips home especially when we have something good planned for dinner haha. Thanks for stopping by - check out the Youtube videos and subscribe to my channel !  Any questions feel free to ask !!! 

Im David - Keep Turning Wrenches !!!!!  

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