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1983 Toyota Motorhome Titanmobile

I had the Titans bug :) I actually was voted Tennessee Titans Fan of The Year in 2000

Winner of Titans Fan Contest
The Titanmobile

This actually was one of my hardest projects that I remember from time and effort. The condition of the camper was really poor to start with - it had been used in Louisiana for a deer hunting shelter- they actually dressed the deer inside the camper.  I gutted everything.  Mechanically it was pretty decent tho. 

Painting a motorhome is a pain and this one was aluminum. I added a rack on the back and bought a Honda quiet line generator. I drove it to some away games with a bunch of people but it was powered by a 22R 4 cylinder so you can imagine how fast it went :) It was fun for a while but tailgating was a ton of work and after a few years of that I was done... and the Titans got much worse - LOL  

The video below was one of my early editing projects. Hey, I even made the TV news :) 

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