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1989 Toyota Van

 I always loved the old Toyota Vans. When I went on cruises there were hundreds of them on islands and foreign countries. This was the only model imported into the US from 1984 to 1989.

You actually sit on top of the motor which is a pain to check oil and fluids - it also cause higher heat build up to reduced airflow. I still love the design and still have it  ( Altho Jennifer keeps telling me to sell it .... )


 I actually bought a second non running van for parts from a police auction for $100.00 and used a bunch of parts and glass from the van. I paid $600.00 for the van I used as the main vehicle for restoration. It really does have a mind of itsd own and at random times it wants to overheat making me think there may be a very slight head gasket issue however due to the complete pain to get to the motor I haven't fooled with that aspect

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